Huntington Workshops this Fall

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Check them out (click on the workshop name to get more information…

Sunday: November 9th from 4 – 7pm – Image Transfers ($150+$20/materials)

Saturday: November 15th from 9am – 12noon – iPhone Photography ($75)

 NEW– Sunday: November 22 from 9am – 12noon – Faux Frescos Half Day Workshop ($150 + $35/materials)

The image transfer process is one of the easiest, but most satisfying of […]

Creating Photography Portfolios

portfolio pix


Image Factory Workshops is pleased to offer these free workshops to photographers who would like to assemble a photography portfolio for entering a competition or joining a gallery. A photography portfolio should be more than a just a collection of your images. We will cover basic editing and how to select images that best suit a particular venue. Instructions on following a prospectus will be explained and examples of “how to” and “what not to do” […]

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Image Transfers and Substrates – An Alternative Process for Digital Imagery







Join us at Soho Photo Gallery on Saturday, April 26th from 9:30am – 1pm for an exciting new workshop: Image Transfers and Substrates.  This workshop will provide you with a creative printing technique that will take your imagery to the next level! Learn how to transfer your images onto a variety of surfaces such as wood, leather, paper, metal, fabric, […]

Happy Spring – Faux Emulsion Lifts workshop at Soho Photo

Welcome back. After all that snow removal and freezing temperatures, why not work up a sweat by doing some heavy lifting? Well, not too heavy! Join us on March 29th at Soho Photo Gallery from 9:30 – 1:30 for a Faux Emulsion Lift workshop. Many of us had the pleasure of working with Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts back in the ‘good old days’ when we thought Polaroid would be around forever. Alas, it disappeared and although some people have come pretty close to recreating it, […]

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Our B&H Presentation was a huge success!


There was a full house for our  January 8th B&H Presentation: Creating Fine Art Portfolios. Every seat was full and some even sat on the floor! Our presentation was part of an ongoing series developed by Deborah Gilbert, director of the B&H Event Space. Participants are required to attend a certain number of presentations at the Event Space and those who meet all the requirements will eventually have a chance to be […]

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Image Factory @ B&H Event Space – January 8, 2014

Look for us in the listings at the B&H Event Space.

We’re are working with B&H and Soho Photo Gallery in series of seminars to help emerging photographers develop a portfolio of work.

The next two sessions take place on the 8th. The first is a discussion about portfolios, bodies of work, and fine art photography. The second session deals with finding the right venue to show work.These sessions are part of an ongoing educational project at […]

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Image Transfers +

We’re celebrating the new year with a special one-day all-day Image Transfers class. Learn the basics of transferring images using two simple techniques: Image Transfer and Emulsion Lift. We’ve secured space at fotofoto gallery on Saturday, January 18th from 10 – 4pm. You just need to bring your images and a laptop – we have the rest. It’s like getting two workshops in one. See our workshop page for registration. We will meet at fotofoto gallery, 14 […]

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Need Private Instruction?

We are available for Private Instruction. Perhaps, your schedule and our scheduled workshops don’t work together, or perhaps you just learn better in a one-on-one situation. No problem! Tell us what you want to learn and we’ll design a workshop just for you and at your convenience! Whether you want to learn a new technique for presenting your digital images, or need help putting together a portfolio of your work, WE CAN HELP. We are fine art photographers with years of teaching and […]

New Workshops and Open Studio Hours coming in September

On September 16, 2013 we kick off our Fall schedule of workshops. You told us what you want and we listened!

The new workshops in September will be 5 hours long, from 12 – 5 pm!

It gets even better…after each workshop, we are holding an ‘open studio’ from 6 – 9 pm. The studio hours will be available to those in that day’s workshop, as well as anyone who has taken the workshop in the past.

You have to know it. Many will abuse […]

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Another Free Workshop @ B&H Photo – August 6, 1-3 pm



 To paraphrase Newton…for every action there is an equal  and  opposite reaction. If we call the introduction of  digital  photography the action, then we might also say that  the  keen  interest in vintage techniques and processes is a  reaction. A new  generation of photographers seems to be  nostalgic for the  imagery of past generations.

 One technique that has gained in popularity is TtV, or  ‘Through  the Viewfinder’ photography. TtV is simply using […]

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