Happy Spring – Faux Emulsion Lifts workshop at Soho Photo

//Happy Spring – Faux Emulsion Lifts workshop at Soho Photo

Welcome back. After all that snow removal and freezing temperatures, why not work up a sweat by doing some heavy lifting? Well, not too heavy! Join us on March 29th at Soho Photo Gallery from 9:30 – 1:30 for a Faux Emulsion Lift workshop. Many of us had the pleasure of working with Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts back in the ‘good old days’ when we thought Polaroid would be around forever. Alas, it disappeared and although some people have come pretty close to recreating it, it’s not close enough!

Our workshop will teach you how to recreate the ragged edge, wrinkled emulsion look of the originals. Using your digital files printed on a transparency, you will transfer the images to a specially coated paper covered in a liquid emulsion. The real joy of the process (just as in the original) is the chance for ‘happy accidents.’ This hands-on process is relatively easy and the results can never be duplicated. Each image is unique!

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