Image Factory @ B&H Event Space – January 8, 2014

//Image Factory @ B&H Event Space – January 8, 2014

Look for us in the listings at the B&H Event Space.

We’re are working with B&H and Soho Photo Gallery in series of seminars to help emerging photographers develop a portfolio of work.

The next two sessions take place on the 8th. The first is a discussion about portfolios, bodies of work, and fine art photography. The second session deals with finding the right venue to show work.These sessions are part of an ongoing educational project at the Event Space. The participating photographers attend critiques and seminars and those that make it to the end will be part of an exhibition at Soho Photo Gallery in May 2013.

For many of these photographers, it will be the first time their work is hanging on a gallery wall. That’s an exciting prospect, especially when the gallery wall belongs to the legendary Soho Photo Gallery.

B&H has a history of offering great seminars and classes…all for free.

Check out all their events at

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