There was a full house for our  January 8th B&H Presentation: Creating Fine Art Portfolios. Every seat was full and some even sat on the floor! Our presentation was part of an ongoing series developed by Deborah Gilbert, director of the B&H Event Space. Participants are required to attend a certain number of presentations at the Event Space and those who meet all the requirements will eventually have a chance to be part of group exhibition at Soho Photo Gallery.The portfolio presentation came after a series of critiques we attended. We looked at a lot of work and  met some wonderful people, and the feedback we received was gratifying.

Our association with the B&H Event Space came about after we presented workshops on Image Transfers and TtV Photography. It was a terrific experience for us and and it offers a chance for B&H and Soho Photo Gallery to collaborate and create an amazing way for the photographers in the series to become acquainted with how a gallery works. We look forward to future workshops and collaborations!

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