Huntington Workshops this Fall

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Check them out (click on the workshop name to get more information…

Sunday: November 9th from 4 – 7pm – Image Transfers ($150+$20/materials)

Saturday: November 15th from 9am – 12noon – iPhone Photography ($75)

 NEW– Sunday: November 22 from 9am – 12noon – Faux Frescos Half Day Workshop ($150 + $35/materials)

The image transfer process is one of the easiest, but most satisfying of the workshops. Seeing your digital images transferred to fine art papers is exciting and will open new doors of photographic creativity for you.  You can expand on that by taking the Faux Fresco class and see your images transform into work reminiscent of age old European frescos.

You can also flex your creative muscles by going in a whole new direction of image capture…iPhone Photography has created a tsunami of creative expression that is unprecedented in our time. Taking the picture is the first step. What you do with it…working with creative ‘apps’…will rock your creative world!

Register for a Huntington Workshop class now to join us for the experience, and the fun of Image Factory Workshops!


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